winsem 2019 - call for applicatons

Interdisciplinary elective course
Constitutional Law and Political Sciences, 
Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Széchenyi István University
Coordinator and Supervisor: 
Prof. Dr. Smuk Péter, Head of Department
25 February – 1 March 2019
Venue: 12 Áldozat str. Győr, Hungary (Building of the Faculty of Law)
 The interdisciplinary intensive seminar offers a university course and a forum for students and young researchers. 
 Noted experts, lecturers and professors from different Central European universities help to discover and discuss legal, political, social, economic and EU-aspects concerning the fundamental values in Europe and in our region. 
 PANELS of discussions: 
o democratic procedures - elections, public opinion, political discourse; 
o rule of law - division of powers, fundamental rights, judicial power;
o indentity - European and/or constitutional identity, sovereignty and EU membership; 
 The seminar will include academic lectures + workshop opportunities with the active contribution of participants + off-campus events + cultural evenings. 
Program details
Venue – official programme: Széchenyi István University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Building “J”
H-9026 Győr, Áldozat str. 12. (Hungary)
Period: 25 February – 1 March 2019 (academic program from Monday to Friday).
 The Seminar is open for higher education students and PhD candidates as young researchers from any fields of legal, economic, media, communications, social or international studies from all over Europe. 
 20 places are provided for incoming students from abroad.
 The language of the Seminar is English. 
 We present certificates on the participation and contributions. 
 You can obtain 5 ECTS credit points. 
Registration fee: 80 EUR (shall be paid at the registration) that covers the
o accommodation in the student hostel of the University (5 minutes walk from downtown), 
o technical background, handing-outs and the publication of the scientific results of workshop sessions, 
o cultural programme, visit to historical places.
Application deadline:
21 January 2019
How to apply to the Winter Seminar 2019?
The application shall include:
 application form (available here)
 abstract in case you intend to present a paper/topic (not compulsory)
 letter of recommendation from a professor (not compulsory but recommended)
All documents should be sent via e-mail to
Ms. Rita Ferenczy (assistant) – 
Prof. Peter Smuk (Head of Department) – 
The applicants will be informed about the results until 1 February 2019.
Information and contact: 
 on the emails above;
 at 
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