WinSem2017 general information


Interdisciplinary elective course

Coordinator and Supervisor: 
Dr. habil. Smuk Péter, Head of Department, Vice Dean for Education

Venue: 12 Áldozat str. Győr, Hungary (Building of the Faculty of Law)

Date: 20-25 February 2017

Application deadline 20 January 2017


- graduate and postgraduate students from different fields (law, political science, economics, social studies, European studies, etc.)
- Limits: max. 40 students per semester.
- 30 places are provided for incoming students from abroad.
Programme booklet is available here!
For addditional materials (further readings, articles, lectures, etc.) click here.

Alkotmányjogi és Politikatudományi Tanszék Eseménynaptára

Ph.D. doctoral pre-defence of Dilshad Ali Mohammed 2024. június 25. 13:00 - 14:00
Ph.D. doctoral defence of Maysam SHMLLS 2024. július 3. 10:00 - 11:00

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